Put the ‘Cute’ in Charcuterie this Mother’s Day!

Put the ‘Cute’ in Charcuterie this Mother’s Day!

By Kirsten Hatch


Are you looking for a cute and unique way to celebrate your mom this Mother’s Day? We have the solution! This DIY charcuterie is a gift that’s sure to make your mom’s day. For inspiration and advice click here


Start with these Paper-Mache Letters . If you want to display a longer message, you can find them in 4 inches. Or if you’d prefer to go big or go home, they also come in 16 inch letters.


Once you’ve selected your letters, cut off the front face, leaving the back and all the sides to form a bowl. 


Now that you have your bowls, feel free to decorate! Draw, paint, or paper it for an extra personal decorative touch. 


Don’t forget to line the boxes with wax or parchment paper, or even cupcake liners to make the bowls food-safe, and the food easy to grab.


Time to fill it up with Mom’s favorite treats! If she’s a chocolate lover we have assortments of fun size and king size candy bars. Try some of our gummy rings to add a pop of color and fruit flavor to your candy charcuterie. Going for something nostalgic? Fill your charcuterie with this nostalgic candy bar mix, some classic hard candy discs, or fruity hard candies.


If you want an even more personal feel for your DIY Mother’s Day gift, you can top your homemade desserts with some colorful sprinkle mixes! Some fun confetti sprinkles or classy nonpareils can add an extra special touch to homemade cupcakes or chocolate covered strawberries.


Need a different size or not finding what you’re looking for? Be sure to visit our Amazon page for more options. Search by color or candy type to find exactly what you need!


And have a sweet Mother’s Day!


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