Pool-side Gummy Bear Jell-O Shots

Pool-side Gummy Bear Jell-O Shots

By Kirsten Hatch 


Happy first day of summer! One of the best parts of summer is taking a dip in the pool, and we have an idea for a great summery snack for kids or adults!


When making for kids all you need is:


When modifying for adults you will also need:

  • Clear liquor of your choice


You can find a Jell-O shot recipe here. One tip when making this delicious treat is to combine the liquor with cold water and refrigerate until they reach the same temperature.


If making for children, follow the instructions on your chosen package. 


If making for adults, combine the gelatin powder with your boiling water until dissolved. Then add your chilled water and liquor mixture to the liquid gelatin and stir well. 


Pour your fully-combined gelatin mixture into the portion cups and allow it to chill until solid. Once the Jell-O is firm, place your gummy rings and bears on top. After all, everyone deserves some relaxing time in the pool!


A Great Surprise wishes you to Have A Great Summer!


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