Patriotic Candy Bark for the Fourth of July

Patriotic Candy Bark for the Fourth of July

By Kirsten Hatch


No Fourth of July party is complete without the obligatory patriotic dessert. Take a crack at this Stars and Stripes Candy Bark for Independence Day! 

Let’s get started!

Here’s what you’ll need:


Start by lining your baking sheet with paper. Use the microwave to melt half of your white chocolate in 30 second intervals, removing to stir in between. Do not microwave until fully melted, or your chocolate will start to burn and clump. Instead, remove from the microwave when it is mostly melted with only a few unmelted lumps and stir to complete the melting process.


While your white chocolate is in the microwave, crush your cookies or pretzels into small usable pieces. When the chocolate has finished melting, pour it onto your prepared baking sheet and sprinkle your crushed toppings onto it. This will be your base layer.


Place your baking sheet with your base layer into your freezer while you repeat the melting process with the rest of your white chocolate, as well as the red and blue chocolate. When the rest of your chocolate is properly melted and ready to use, remove your base layer from the freezer. 


Start by pouring the remainder of your white chocolate on top of your base. Then you can drizzle, dollop, and drip your red and blue chocolate on top. From there, use a fork or toothpick to swirl your colors together and create a pattern to your liking. Before your chocolate sets, sprinkle it with your chosen toppings. Red white and blue jimmies and star sprinkles make this dessert extra patriotic.


After a few minutes back in the freezer, it’s ready to crack and serve!


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