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Memorial Day Confetti Ice Cream Sandwiches 

By Kirsten Hatch


Memorial Day is right around the corner and so are barbeques and backyard parties with family and friends. We have a suggestion for a cool, patriotic dessert to make for your celebration. 

It’s quick, easy, and fun to make, so you can either prepare it ahead of time or set it up as an activity for your guests! We’re talking about Patriotic Ice Cream Sandwiches

This refreshing ice cream treat is a simple but creative dessert that’s so easy to customize. Start by choosing your ice cream sandwich base. But if you're looking for a specific combination find your favorite cookies and your desired ice cream flavors and put together your own!

Once you have your ice cream sandwiches together, you’re ready for the fun part: decorating! Simply allow the ice cream bars to thaw slightly before dipping them into the sprinkles of your choice. Letting them melt a little (but not too much!) will help the sprinkles stick and get better coverage when you dip them.

Will you choose stars or stripes? (We recommend using both.) Red, white and blue jimmy sprinkles and confetti stars will add a delicious patriotic feel to your frozen desserts.

After decorating your ice cream sandwiches with your patriotic sprinkles, place them back in the freezer or enjoy right away!

Happy Memorial Day!

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