How To Host An Easter Egg Hunt For Kids (or Adults)

By Kirsten Hatch

Are you ready for a visit from the Easter bunny? Don’t count your eggs before they’re filled! Luckily we’re here to help you plan.

Plan Ahead

Are you hosting indoors or outdoors? Either way, you’ll need to scope out the best spots to hide the Easter eggs, and you may want to do some light rearranging for some extra places to hide.

Don’t forget the Easter Baskets! Whether you’re stuffing them with goodies yourself, letting the kids have all the fun, or doing a mix of both, you’ll need baskets to contain it all.

You can’t have an egg hunt without the eggs! Check here to find the perfect size and color.

Now it’s time to stuff the eggs! We have the perfect candy mix for your needs. Whether you’re looking for:

-A classic chocolate mix

-A sour assortment

-Sweet and sour options 

-Some chewy candies

-Or a bulk variety     

…our mixes have exactly what you need to satisfy any kid’s sweet tooth.

But just in case the adults want in on the sugary action, our Flower Sprinkles would make any Easter dessert blossom, especially these Double Chocolate Easter Cupcakes. 

Hoppy Hunting!

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