Heartfelt Hot Chocolate Bombs for Valentine’s Day

Heartfelt Hot Chocolate Bombs for Valentine’s Day

By Kirsten Hatch

Our hearts beat faster at the thought of Valentine’s Day. It’s a wonderful opportunity to celebrate love in all its forms, whether it’s for friends, family, or significant others. Are store-bought chocolates not cutting it? Are you looking to create something special? Well, your loved ones are in for a sweet surprise with these Valentine’s Day Hot Chocolate Bombs.

What makes them Valentine’s hot cocoa bombs, you may ask? We filled and decorated them with Heart-shaped Confetti Sprinkles.  

Start by selecting your chocolate bomb mold. You can go for the classic sphere-shaped bombs, or choose a heart-shaped silicone mold to form your chocolate shells.  

For this recipe you’re going to need:

Start by melting the chocolate, following the directions on the package. If there are no directions, pour at least a cup of chocolate into a microwave safe bowl and heat for 30 seconds at half power. In between cycles, remove the bowl and stir before heating for another 30 seconds. Repeat this process until almost completely melted. Once chocolate reaches this point, it can burn quickly, so cut down your intervals to 15 seconds. When you remove the chocolate from the microwave, it should still have a few lumps. Do not put it back in the microwave. Finish melting the rest of the chocolate by stirring it together.

Depending on how many chocolate bombs you make, you may need to melt more chocolate or reheat it as it cools. If you have very little chocolate left in your bowl, use the shorter intervals to minimize the risk of burning it.

Alternatively, you can use the double boiler method.

Spoon the melted chocolate into the mold until it’s about halfway full, then use your spoon or an offset spatula to spread it evenly up to the rim of the mold. You may need to do two layers to get the thickness that you want for your shell- just make sure to give the chocolate a few minutes to set in between layers. 

Once your shells have hardened you can remove half of them from their molds and fill them up. Start by adding your hot chocolate powder and heart sprinkles. From there you can add any other toppings you would like, such as mini marshmallows, or a dessert syrup. 

Now that you have filled half of your shells, you can take the remaining empty shells to seal your hot chocolate bombs. 

There are a few different methods to get both sides to stick together. The first is to heat a pan on the stove, then place an empty shell opening-side down onto it. Let the heat of the pan lightly melt the edges, then quickly and carefully place it on one of the filled shells. A word of warning: make sure not to leave your chocolate shell on the heat for too long, otherwise too much of the edge will melt away, and the edges of the shells won’t match up correctly when you put them together.

Another method of sealing your hot chocolate bombs is to fit both halves together, then use a basting brush to apply melted chocolate to the seam. 

Wait for the seal to set before you move on to decorating. You’re going to use the steps above to melt the chocolate you want to decorate with. We recommend using a different color to make your hot chocolate bombs really pop. Spoon the melted chocolate into a piping bag and start decorating! Simple zig zags are quick, easy, and aesthetically pleasing. 

At this point it may be useful to have a second set of hands. You want to pipe your design onto the hot chocolate bombs before the chocolate in the bag gets too cold and hard to work with. But you also need to make sure that you put your sprinkles on while the chocolate drizzle is still warm so they will stick to your hot chocolate bomb. 

Now that you’ve added a final sprinkle of love, your hot chocolate bombs are ready to share! If they look a bit messy, never fear- it’s what’s on the inside that counts!

valentines day hot chocolate bombs heart sprinkles red pink white

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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