3 Quick and Easy Treats for Your Halloween Party

3 Quick and Easy Treats for Your Halloween Party

By Kirsten Hatch
The witching hour is almost here. Are you hosting a costume party or a Halloween movie marathon and running out of time to prepare something sweet? Not to worry, we have quick and easy desserts that you can finish before you turn into a pumpkin. There’s nothing tricky about these treats. They all include the easiest kind of Halloween decorations to use- sprinkles!
Take your pick between Spooky Sprinkles or Creepy Confetti- we recommend both!

Killer Rice Cereal Treats

halloween sprinkles treats rice crispys
Is there anyone who doesn’t love rice cereal treats? If you’re in a crunch you can buy bulk cereal treats ahead of time and save your time for decorating. But if you find yourself with a bit more time and energy on your hands you can whip up some homemade Rice Cereal Treats. One of the best parts about making them yourself is that you can use Halloween-shaped cookie cutters or silicon baking molds to make them extra spooky and fun.
Once your cereal treats are cooled and/or unwrapped, drizzle them with your choice of chocolate or icing to help your sprinkles stick. You’ll have these finished before anyone can say “boo!” 

Spooky Pretzel Rods

halloween treats sprinkles black green purple pretzels
The most difficult part of this next treat is not burning the chocolate… and avoiding licking the bowl. But luckily, your choice of white chocolate should include melting instructions on the back of the package. If not, the trick is to go low and slow- about 15-30 seconds at a time at 50% power on your microwave, removing often to stir. 
Next, dip your pretzel rods and place them on a sheet of wax paper to cool. Depending on the consistency of your chocolate, you may need to dip them twice. If that’s the case, wait until the first layer of chocolate has hardened before dipping your pretzels again. 
Once you’ve dipped your pretzels to your liking, you can either add sprinkles right away, or you can wait for them to harden before drizzling them with Halloween-colored icing and using your sprinkles to decorate them.

Ghoulish Rimmed Glasses

halloween rim glass drinks party sprinkles orange black purple

Pick your poison! Whether it’s creepy cocktails, mocktails, or any kind of Halloween punch, we recommend rimming the glasses with some Halloween sprinkles to add some wickedness to your witch’s brew.

Squeeze some caramel sauce into a bowl, just deep enough to cover the rim of your chosen glasses. Have your sprinkles prepped in a bowl next to you and dip them immediately. You may need to twist your glass to get the sprinkles to stick. Place your rimmed glasses upside-down onto a tray covered with wax paper and let them chill until you're ready to use them. This will keep the caramel from dripping everywhere. 

Now you’ve whipped up three quick and easy Halloween treats- no magic required! With any of these, your next Halloween party is sure to be a scream.

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